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PGT Digital Showcase

Twenty Twenty

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Key Insights and Opportunities

Key Insights and Opportunities

Data was collated and analysed using affinity mapping. Key insights included:

- Independence and Trust: Teenagers desire more independence in their financial/lifestyle choices yet need to prove themselves to their parents to gain their full trust and support.
- Planning and Budgeting: Families attempt to plan/budget for their teenager, however these plans often fail due to poor spending habits, or unrealistic plans or budgets.
- Education: There is a lack of financial education in schooling or at home for teenagers. Most learning is currently self-taught or comes from experience.

Design Iteration

Design Iteration

Initial ideas were generated by a series of peer design workshops and brainstorming activities.

Early concepts and iterations were tested with users (families) in the form of contextual scenarios presented as detailed storyboards. Each storyboard demonstrated a key feature or function of the solution used in a relatable scenario. These activities tested the viability of presented solutions and allowed for new ideas to be generated in a co-design manner.

Staying On-track & Privacy

Staying On-track & Privacy

DEAL! allows the user to keep track of their transactions and spending from their existing bank account using 'Open Banking' technology. Users can clearly view their spending and break it down by category in order to ensure they stay on track, don't over spend and save some for the future.
Users have complete control of their privacy settings, allowing the teenager and parent to agree on what details of the teen's spending are shared between them.

Setting Challenges

Setting Challenges

DEAL! allows the parent to set goals and challenges for the teenager in the form of a 'Deal'.
Each Deal is made up of up-to three spending/saving goals as well as option incentives or consequences to keep the teenager motivated.
The teenager is able to view their progress over time, staying on track to complete each Deal ensuring they are eligible for the associated reward incentives.

Personalised Advice

Personalised Advice

DEAL! uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor the teenager's spending habits and progress towards their goals. This allows for personalised tips and advice to educate and guide the teenager to better financial results.
When a teenager is presented with advice, the parent may be prompted to create new goals and incentives that best suit the teenagers current spending patterns and needs.

Matt Malindine

A creator, team player and fast-food enthusiast with an interest in start-ups, technology and product-strategy.

During my five years studying design practices at Loughborough University, I have had the opportunity to put my skills into action via two work-experiences that have been crucial to my development as a designer and a person.

Firstly with technology start-up, Pavegen, where I led design for both in-house and client projects. Secondly with financial institution, Morgan Stanley, where I sat within the global UX delivering software projects across FinTech applications used by the firm and its prestigious clients.

Currently seeking opportunities in product-led technology companies.

Major Project

Helping Teenagers become more financially smart with their parent's support.


In late 2019, I completed the 'IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner' certification and earned the practitioner badge by demonstrating my knowledge and application of IBM's design thinking methodologies.

In 2018, I completed a 'Diploma in Professional Study (DPS)' which was achieved during a 12-month industrial placement in a degree relevant design role.

In 2017, my UX project 'Tandem' - a response to a live-brief considering how data in future connected cities could empower a better transit experience - was shortlisted by O2 customer experience design team.